Day 68 – Everything Irie!

No organised exercise today only lots and lots of walking round Miami airport en route to JAMAICA!  I have the beach and sea to my left and an Olympic size pool to my right, so tomorrow morning there’s no excuse not to go for a swim.   This place seems quite nice though a nice big suite and large balcony and plenty of room for a WOD.  I can hear the waves below washing up the shore.  Can’t wait for the sun to come up!

Today has been tough though food wise feels like I wanted to eat everything in sight and there was just carbs everywhere!

4:30am – 1/2 an avocado and green tea

12pm – barbecue chicken and steamed broccoli

3:30pm – carrot, beetroot, ginger, lime, passion fruit, orange, smoothie

5:30pm – spicy chicken and rice

6:30pm – tea and a cinnamon swirl

As I look back it could have been worse.


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