Day 69 – Sunday Morning in Montego Bay

I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up this morning.  I’m like an excited child waiting to be let loose in a sweet shop.  Am not quite sure why I am so excited to be in Jamaica but I am!  This morning I woke up at 4 or 5am and I was very pleased to see this view from my balcony once the sun came up.

photoWith that and the sound of the sea I just had to get up and out.  But first I was not leaving before I had completed Ab – Ripper – X! (said with the same emphasis as between Oblique V-ups and climbing legs…lol – so cheesy)

What I like about this work out video is the range of exercises and with fifer scissors, mason twists I still can’t get them all done.  You have to control the breathing, otherwise you hit a brick wall!  I also did a few press-up after, then went for a walk along the dead sand up to the end of the beach and back, and in to the sea for a bit of breast stroke.

I didn’t have my goggles and I didn’t want my hair to get too wet, and the water isn’t like Barbados where you can see the bottom, so if I’m honest I swam a short distance out, got scared and swam back and just did some arm push and pull strokes in the shallow water where I could see and feel the sand beneath my feet!  Yep after living in Barbados with the crystal clear, turquoise water and white sandy beaches I’ve been spoilt!

Breakfast buffet coming up – discipline, discipline, discipline!

9am – green tea, omelet, ackee and saltfish, callaloo (basically spinach) a bake and a mini croissant

1pm – smoked jerk pork, rice and peas


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