Day 71 – Cu-cum-cum!

My last day in Jamaica and my first day of no carbs. How did I get on? Not great. I managed to stay off until tonight’s dinner.

9am – omelette, green tea

2pm – veg soup, fish, chicken, salad and veg. Desert I had fruit

8pm – we went to Scotchies in Montego Bay. Managed to get all smoked/grilled fish (was da bomb) pork and chicken. There was no veg at all on the menu so had breadfruit and sweet potato both roasted.

So not great but not all bad. I am traveling tomorrow for like 12hrs
And with airport food know knows what I will eat. I guess I will find out tomorrow.

No exercise was done today, just walking! And lots of it around this huge convention centre. With a no carb diet soon I’ll be walking and described as “cu-cum-cum”! Said with a very Jamaican accent.

It comes from an old dub song where the artist sings about a girl being cu-cum-cum, meaning when she walks that’s the sound her boney legs make as they knock together as she walks because she’s so skinny. If I ever find the link to the track I will post it. I’ve never heard it myself mind you.

So there’s a bit of Jamaican culture for you.


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