Day 74 – Just Getting On with it!

Sometimes you have to stop thinking about it and just get on with it. I have to admit it has been much more difficult than expected to become ‘addicted’ to his fitness lark. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy it, but right now I can honestly say I am not addicted. I enjoy working out and feeling fit and looking that bit trimmer. And I still look forward to being trimmer and fitter still. So may be a few more months of consistent working out I might get there.

The food battle though is what I have to really just get on with. The thinking about food has to stop. I have to just eat what I know I should eat and stop thinking about all the stuff I am cutting out. Today’s not been too bad. Here’s what has been consumed;

7am – 1 egg, green tea
1pm – veg & pea stew and steamed veg (1/2 serving)
4pm – 4 pieces of dried mango
6pm – handful of nuts
7pm – 2nd half of the stew


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