Day 76 – M E R I

I was back in this box this morning for MERI and boy did it feel good!   Sounds sad I know, but I really did enjoy it, and for a number of reasons.  Not only because it felt good to train, but also, I managed to complete every single exercise in the time allotted.  I’m not sure how long we were given – maybe 20 or 30 mins, but I completed it!  So I felt great accomplishment.  One might argue that it was an easy MERI class, but I think it’s because I am achieving improved fitness levels.  I was in the front pack for a change!  So I’m going to go on about it for a while now and keep giving myself some praise – someone’s got to – right?

If you’ve been wondering what MERI stands for it is Meltdown Extreme Rush Interactive, a group session featuring sandbag exercise, body weight skills and athletic drills!

Anyway below is what we did and I am looking forward to not being able to walk tomorrow!20131007-164128.jpg

In terms of food intake, I have also maintained the no carb diet;

5am – green tea and a banana

7am – 2 eggs, coconut water and home made sorrel juice

1pm – grilled chicken and salad (1 and a half breasts!)

and for dinner I will be having….

6pm – salt fish stew, 1/2 a chicken breast and butternut squash


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