Day 77 – You’ve Got to Live!

This weekend just gone was pretty good by all accounts. There was a certain amount of socialising which also involved alcohol. As you would have seen I successfully controlled my food intake but alcohol has been part of my socialising for quite a few years now.

I was beating myself up thinking I should not be drinking or not going out because of the training. I still managed to get to and complete Monday morning MERI even after a night out.  But for some reason I still feel that I am still not addicted.

Now, a few friends have commented that a fitness addiction is unhealthy, like any addiction and also that I have to ‘live’. Socialising and having the odd night out is living and I can’t just shut myself up every night at 8 or 9pm (as I did last night), not doing anything other than work and going training.

So I am still trying to get addicted but may be just not that addicted.  People please bear with me as the results will inevitably not be a quick as if I cut out alcohol completely. Although saying that, next month I might cut it out just because I want to test my discipline levels (currently low but improving where food is concerned). And also because I want to ensure I don’t develop an alcohol addiction! – lol. No – but seriously, I think a lot of it is habit more than anything. You get in to the habit of having a drink when you go out. But if I’m not out I don’t drink, so I can’t be addicted.

Likewise, I think I have developed a habit of going to the box when I am home but when I am traveling I am forced to break this habit, and I don’t feel I HAVE TO go for a run, or lift some iron or do 100 burpees in my hotel room to compensate.

So after all that – I’m living my healthy, fitness life but just want to be the fittest I can be!

Here’s what has happened today –
6:30am – Ab ripper X
7am – green tea, pineapple, and 2 eggs
1pm – grilled tuna and steamed veg (1/2 serving)
5:30pm – running training with Runnersway. In addition to the technical drills I did 3 x 400m runs with 3mins rest between each one. The aim was to get faster on each one. I did 2:58, then 2:21 and on the 3rd round 2:14. I hope to get to sub 2mins one day! I took up this running training specifically to improve my 5K time to sub 30mins for the Run Barbados in December and I was lucky enough to win one months training with Runnersway way I did the 5K the other month.

7:30pm – 2nd half of grilled tuna, with steamed broccoli and 1/2 an avocado.

That last set of food was really quite filling, and I felt a bit stuffed to be honest.  I think it was the avocado.  But all good stuff right.

Back in the box tomorrow – can’t wait!


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