Day 79 – Bring It!

I have to admit during tonights running I really felt it. Just tired but in the words of that guy in Ab Ripper X I had to just “bring it!” – lol. It’s funny all these sayings are just so cheesy – like “just do it” and “no pain, no gain” and “you get out what you put in” – but they really are simply true. There’s absolutely no escaping it!

6:30am – Ab ripper x
7am – 2 eggs and green tea
1:30pm – grilled marlin, steamed veg (broccoli, okra, carrots and pumpkin) and salad
5:30pm – hill running, 4x 150m easy alternating with 4x 100m sprints all up hill and walking down.
7:30pm – grilled tuna

So, yeah as i said I felt it at the running tonight. I just didn’t have the same level of energy. I guess that the lack of carbs combined with the extra running. But I just got on with – there was no finish line! Lol – gees, working at Nike for 4 or 5 yrs really did brain wash me!


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