Day 80 – Do I Deserve a Treat?

Two fantastic things happened to me today. The first was that I realised i have not been reading my scales correctly. So instead of thinking I am just over 195lbs I am actually just over 190lbs. That means I have actually lost 10lbs since I started. And there’s me stressing because I thought I wasn’t losing enough weight quick enough!

Secondly I went to the gym after work today and did a really good WOD which involved a max weight squat. I managed 185lbs full proper legal squat like right down. I am the 2nd female on the leader board. Top did 195lbs.

Now after my first week of increased workout and sticking to my food regime don’t you think I deserve a treat?

7am – 2eggs, 1 banana and green tea
1pm – 1 chicken breast, veg (okra, carrots and broccoli) and lentils

5:30pm – WOD – max weight squat with 185lbs followed by two rounds of 600m row and 25 full sit-ups as fast as possible. Was awesome got my rowing rate down to 1:44/500m!

8pm – 1 chicken breast, plantain and peanuts

So what’s my treat going to be? Probably a few rums tomorrow at the hash run!


2 thoughts on “Day 80 – Do I Deserve a Treat?

  1. Always love when I misread the scale too, or realize i had my socks on or… something. Its an awesome mental boost to lose those little extras! Congrats on the weight loss and keep up the great work on the diet! Really like the blog!

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