Day 81 – never stopping

I’m tired.

I struggled to get up this morning, even after going to bed last night at like 10pm. Had a lay-in til like 8 or 9am. I’d been lazy by not shopping in the week and had no eggs left, no bananas, no plantain nothing…. only some peanuts! So energy wise the day did not start good and I’ve been lacking energy all day even after eating. I figure my body is just adjusting and I should just crack on with it. As long as I keep drinking water and eating I’ll be fine.

9am – green tea

9:30am – 1 banana, mixed nuts and fruit mix (went to the petrol station at the bottom of the road!)

10:30am – 1 Trini doubles! I decided this would be my treat

12:30pm – handful of nuts and handful of grapes

2pm – 1 chicken thigh, steamed broccoli, pumpkin and mushroom

4pm – HASH RUN!!! Was a good hash I didn’t run all of it but when I did run I felt quite good.

Just one rum punch after the hash and then home.

8pm – picnic ham and peanuts oh and coconut water

Early night I think. Am looking forward to my day of rest tomorrow.


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