Day 83 – What is the point?

I was very disheartened this morning. After a week of conscientiously avoiding carbs I find I have gained a 1-2lbs in weight. Now I know this is nothing major and could simply be water, clothing etc but it’s just annoying. I thought the whole point of not eating the carbs was so that your body uses the excess fat storage to burn for energy – I have tons of fat! Why is my body not burning it? I should have bucket loads of energy!

I know – it doesn’t quite work like that! But this morning I questioned what the point was. After speaking to my sister, with her words of encouragement and realism my annoyance hasn’t lasted long. She advised me to give it 3 weeks or so before I see results, which was the original plan. I’m just being impatient! I think I said Day 90 I should look to do the fitness test again and proper weigh in and really see what’s what. So, not long now – watch this space….

5:30am – 3K run AFAP. I did it in 13. something seconds. Followed by 14 x 200m runs. I’m quite pleased at my run time as at that pace I should be able to do 5K in under 30mins which is my target for December.

7am – 1 plantain, green tea and an orange

10am – 1 banana

1pm – chicken breast with my chickpea stew



One thought on “Day 83 – What is the point?

  1. Don’t be disheartened. It’s about fat-loss, not weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat, as you know. If you feel leaner, if your clothes fit you better, then you’re on the right track. Keep it going. You’re also really healthy and fit, which is great!

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