Day 84 – Abs and more

I ignored the scales this morning. I’m not saying I didn’t get on them, I just put out of my mind what they said and cracked on with my workout. May be I should put them in the cupboard so I am not tempted to stand on them every time I walk in to the bathroom as I currently do. Dare I admit sometimes several times on an evening as if miraculously they’ll say something different from 1hr before – lol!


6am – ab ripper x
7am – handful of grapes, green tea and 1 egg
2:30pm – grilled marlin, steamed veg (broccoli, carrots, pumpkin and okra) and tossed salad (2/3rds of the serving)
5:30pm – running training included 16mins of interval 1min quick – 1min slow running which was preceded with some ab/core work and running drills
8pm – the left overs from lunch and some of the chickpea stew

All in all not a bad day. Energy levels were pretty good, so may be my body is adjusting. I won’t speak too soon as tomorrow I’ll probably end up moaning again – sorry!


3 thoughts on “Day 84 – Abs and more

  1. Definitely don’t get too focused on the scale, when you are working out hard it doesn’t like you as much cause you’re doing it right and gaining lean mass 🙂 a good way is to make sure you are hitting the right amount of calories for your body and activity, that way when the scale goes up you still know for sure you aren’t gaining fat 🙂 awesome job keep it up!!!

    • So very true – thanks! I mean to start calorie counting, but I find it a bit much especially as I don’t generally eat out of packets and it will take time to find the calories in my food if I’ve not weighed them etc… I guess I’m just a bit lazy to do that! But i know you’re right – less calories ingested and more burnt training, weight will be lost!

      • Or just start focusing on eating healthy 5x each day and that will be enough for now. Then, if you start to see a plateau start with the calorie counting. The best part is how much energy you’ll have throughout the day! Just requires a bit of food organization 🙂

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