Day 85 – Eat, Drink and be MERI

Today has been a bit of a non-stop whirlwind running from one activity to the next! The result of which is that I’ve not eaten terribly well, but – I have done a fair amount of exercise!

5:30 – started with good old MERI.

20131016-204832.jpgWithin the 20 mins I managed to complete 3 full rounds and up to the step-up. I was the 2nd lady so I felt awesome as there were about 15 other women in today’s session. I’m getting competitive! And one of these day I might catch up with miss Lisa. But she’s awesome and superfit. She passes most of the guys too. But at least I’ve closed the gap somewhat.

7am – 1 egg, a banana and green tea

2pm – salad, a piece of chicken breast, a piece of fish, veg, and a roast potato.

Now I am attending a 3 day leadership workshop which started with a 12pm lunch. I was late due to meetings in the office. So they set food aside for me and I ate late. They had served me a pile of rice and potatoes, and I as much as I felt bad for wasting pretty much 90% of it, I am proud that I managed to only have a mouthful of carbs. I’d been going all day on a relatively light breakfast after quite a tough workout.

5:30pm – football training with the UK-Barbados guys. I wasn’t going to train but just kick the ball a bit and take some pictures. But I ended up doing all kinds of shuttle runs and sprints and had a proper workout. I also had to push it being the only girl – I had a bit of a point to prove. But it was good fun – and importantly it felt bloody great!

7pm – 1 mouthful of rice and a piece of lamb stew (tasted great the lamb stew – thanks cuz! I only wish I could have eaten more)

And that’s been it really. A busy day running from one meeting to the next etc but I think as I’ve had to just keep going, I just have and was not thinking about being tired or anything.

Tomorrow will be an early start and I hope I manage to get to running after the workshop!

I am realizing also I need some fibre in my diet! 😳


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