Day 87 – Friday Freedom

It’s Friday and right now it’s about being free and letting go! Just a little but not enough to cause any real damage. It was the final day of my workshop and so I didn’t go to MERI this morning or WOD tonight either because I just have too much work backed up! Yeah right!

7am – 2 eggs and green tea
10am – mini Danish, fruit
12pm – bajan soup (slit pea), ham (gammon), salad, steamed veg, grilled mahi mahi.
4pm – 2 x rum and ginger ales
5:30pm – chips from cheffette!!!

There I did it. I ate some chips. But I was feeling tipsy so wanted that to stop. I will be going to WOD tomorrow afternoon and hash running to make up for it. I will also do ab ripper x before I go to bed.

My mate said when she ate no carbs she lost lots if weight but also had a day of freedom where she ate anything. Today is that day for me!

My legs and gluts were tired today – I guess that must have been from Wednesday workouts.


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