Day 88 – Back to Back

After missing training Thursday and Friday, I felt the need to go all out today, and so I did. And I survived might I add.

10am – 2 eggs, green tea
1pm – 1 trini doubles
2pm – WOD!! It was truly brilliant. I think I need to do more WODs and less MERI.

That’s me initial JL completing 7 rounds and 10 reps. Not bad I don’t think, although I used the box for the hand stand push-ups, held on for the pistols and jumped into the pull-ups. I’m nowhere near strong enough to do any of those exercise like properly and unassisted. Check back in a year or so!

4pm – Barbados Hash run for approx 1hr. Was also pretty good. I was late by as much as 15mins so had to catch up and find them. There was no way I could catch them so guess what – I took a gamble and short cut! But I still ran and walked some. My legs, thighs in particular, are shot to pieces. I don’t think they will be working tomorrow at all!

6pm – 2 cups of corn soup, with some raw broccoli and carrots. And 2 pieces of bread (cardinal sin I know and it was white but it was only like thin sliced baguette)
8pm – grilled marlin and salad!

I will be crashing very shortly. I wasn’t sure about doing two workouts back to back but I survived. I may have performed better with more fuel in my system. I just ignored the fact I hadn’t eaten much. The body can handle more than we think. The point is to never stop or give up. The body will stop when it can’t do anymore.

I will let you know if tomorrow my legs decide to stay in bed for the day!


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