Day 89 – The Day Before Weigh-in

It’s the eve of my fitness test! Tomorrow will mark 90 days of me recording my quest towards ultimate health and fitness and I’m not going to lie I am anxious as hell.

Why? Because I’ve embarked upon a challenge which I don’t want to fail. But my success is something that seems so far away right now. With all the images of people that transform their bodies by following a 90day programme (p90x and insanity and whatever else) I want to be looking at the same results. I know it’s unrealistic but that doesn’t stop me wanting. I can say that I have maintained a healthy lifestyle and also kept having a ‘life’ throughout. So we shall see how it goes tomorrow evening after work.

10am – 3egg omelette with mushrooms and green tea

3pm – 3x fish cakes, chicken stir fry with rice (I left back about 1/2 the rice though)

4pm – a few of Son’s skittles

6pm – kit-kat and fruit and nut mix

8pm – coconut water and a beef patty!

That’s my 1st patty and chocolate in 90days I think and I can’t believe how I’ve fallen to temptation in such a bad way the day before the fitness test and weigh- in. Sheer sabotage and fear of failure on my part. A trait if mine I have to get rid of once and for all.

Ahhh I can already see the scales in the morning reading 5lbs heavier!


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