Day 90 – Judgement Day!

In one fell swoop the fitness test is over! How did I do? Take a look for yourself.


Losing 3% body fat is alright I guess. Not sure what % is a good rate to lose. Improvements on all exercises except squats – I just didn’t go quick enough. I think if my partner given me time checks, I would have been able to suitably increase my rate. Oh well.

I’m happy overall but would have liked to see a much bigger improvement.  I need to work on my upper body.  I just can not hold my weight.   But I mean – really – Weight loss – weight gain… I’m a woman who’s weight changes overnight depending on my cycle, what I drank the night before, what I’ve eaten, my regularity and even if I sneeze before getting on the scales!

November is coming. Back to carbs on a regulated basis and massively reduced alcohol intake.

Today I started out with ab ripper x! Gotta get that 6pack defined!

7am – 2 eggs, green tea
1:30pm – half chicken breast, steamed pumpkin, okra and tomatoes
6pm – fruit and nut mix
9pm – as above and coconut water.

I wish the results were better though. Bit of an anticlimax I’m afraid. Sorry for that, but hey… One step at a time and at least I am going in the right direction.


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