Day 91 – Maintaining focus

I have to admit I lost sight of the target today and got caught up in the euphoria of successfully making some progress and the kind words of friends. It’s mad to think that because I’m on the right track and getting some results I think I can slack off and revert back to old habits. And it happened so quickly without a second thought.

I made the decision to start eating carbs again because leaving them out has really affected my natural bodily functions and I can’t take it anymore. But it’s almost like with that decision I decided to just go and eat everything in sight regardless!

6:30am – 100 reps ab exercises
7am – a bowl of oats and green tea
10:30am – 2fruit skewers, 2 tuna, 2 cheese sandwiches (1/4 triangles), 4 mini veg spring rolls and 2 mini jam pastries.
1pm – salad, steamed veg, rice n peas, 1 flying fish, 1 chicken drum stick, 1/2 a cheese cake (it was in a cupcake)
5:30pm – running 4 x 400m

8pm – 2 eggs and coconut water

Now there was no need for me to eat all that at the break time but I was just plain licorish! Lunchtime wasn’t so bad but I could have left out the rice and all the cheese cake. Food today was provided at work because of training, so once again I failed at the sight of temptation.

It was whilst I was tucking in to the cheese cake I caught myself, and questioned what I was doing. Hence me not eating it all. And then this evening after training I was going to meet some family that are visiting but I actually turned around and went home as they were going for dinner and I didn’t want to eat anymore food for the day. I will go and meet them shortly for a light drink though. Maybe Thursday I will eat out when I have it planned better.

So that’s it. The never ending emotional roller coaster and battle with my inner voice and food!


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