Day 93 – It’s all about the WOD!

Awesome WOD this morning. Well maybe awesome is a bit exaggerated, but I did really enjoy it. Hated it at the time but was good. We did simple forward squats and rope climbing! I hadn’t climbed a rope since I was a kid a primary school. If I’m honest I still haven’t cause I could get up the friggin rope! Just managed to lay flat and haul myself up to my feet. I’ve got to get this upper body strength sorted out.

5:30am WOD – front squats (I used 55lb weight) followed immediately by rope climb. Each round depreciated by 1 rep starting at 10, then 9, 8, 7 etc down to 1. The squats were ok, but the rope climb man – I am so going to die if I find myself in a situation where I have to hang on for dear life or haul myself up from the edge of a building!

8am – oats, green tea
10:30pm – fruit and nut mix
2:30pm – grilled marlin, steamed veg, plantain, salad
7pm – 2 pieces of white fish

I skipped my evening running session because I got a blister on my finger! Lol – no but seriously, I was tired and I do actually have a blister from the rope climb!


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