Day 94 – All in moderation

A reasonable day maintaining. I didn’t train this morning or this evening. I hope I haven’t broken my routine. Part of me feels like I need a break and the other part really wants to push on through. I think the plateau I have reached is making it difficult to motivate past because I know how much hard work is involved! Who wants hard work? So annoying. I am sure it will pass and as long as I maintain and eat in moderation I’ll soon be back.

7am – 1 egg and green tea
2pm – spicy fish, steamed veg, plantain and salad
4pm – 2 coconut biscuits
8pm – squash, okra and celery soup


2 thoughts on “Day 94 – All in moderation

  1. Just thought I’d stop in and say hi. I have recently started to keep a health journal here on WordPress, so it’s nice to come across others doing the same. Good luck to you, and keep on pushing through. Your 93 days is an inspiration to me. If I can keep going for that long I’ll be in good shape!

    • Hi – thanks for giving me a shout. Good luck and you will be fine I am sure. There will be highs and lows and I figure you just ignore the lows and concentrate on the highs!

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