Day 95 – A moment on the lips…

Yep – I almost forgot. Life got in the way of blogging yesterday, so before I get too far behind here’s what happened on Day 95.

8am – 1 egg green tea
11am – cassava crisps
11:45am – 1 fish cutter and a banks beer
2pm – WOD – JACKIE

It took me 10:34 to complete. We had a lot of people in the class and I had to wait like 45 mins to do the workout and then I took quite a few breaks because I lost my spirit due to the amount of people there. It was still a good workout though and I did it in a reasonable time.
I had planned to go to the hash after but I got out too late so I just came home.

5pm – squash, okra and celery soup with basmati rice

9pm – whilst out at a social event I ate a couple of wedges and a indulged in a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream!

Can you believe it? Chocolate brownie and vanilla ice scream!!! Lol I don’t feel too bad though. It’s not like I eat it everyday. I don’t think I’ve had any ice cream since I started this. But as a colleague years ago back at Nike always said “a moment on the lips, and a lifetime on the hips”.


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