Day 96 – Think yourself thin!

A friend of mine sent me an email today with a link and information on an 8 week course that she thought I might be interested in called:

The Skinny Thinking Thought Diet

From The Skinny Thinking Thought Diet On-Line Course

Initially I thought “this girl is taking the p*$%!” and trivialising my struggle with food and fitness.  Just because she is naturally slim and is able to eat what she likes when she likes and not give a second thought as to whether she should eat something or not, it’s just not that simple for some of us.

However after reading the page, really it should be just that simple.  We should not be consumed by thinking about what we eat all the time, and to be fair it annoys the hell out me.  But unfortunately it’s the result of modern society.  With the introduction of processed, fast, unhealthy, all things bad but tasty foods that have an adverse effect of most people’s bodies, our relationship with food has changed.  If the food we ate was natural from the earth, then we could eat whatever, and not have the adverse effects.  We wouldn’t even give it a second thought.  That is the direction I am headed.  To be free from bad food psyche.  And I’ve been trying this for a while now if I am honest, I mean easting healthy.  But it’s still always on my mind.  It’s not coming naturally to me yet.

8am – green tea

9am – 1/4 of a pineapple

11am – 1/2 a plantain and 1 egg

2pm – baked pork, yam, pumpkin, plantain, okra

6pm – nuts

Not having any junk food in the house helps, because if it’s there I will eat it.   Exercise also does not come completely naturally.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it when I go but sometimes I just don’t want to.  I was meant to go for a run today, but didn’t.  I could have gone to play football this afternoon, but didn’t.  I did however do 100 ab exercises this morning!

I need my running buddy to get better….




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