Day 98 – Every minute on the minute!

It looks simple right? Just two exercises, low reps in a minute – easy! Well let me tell you. By round 10 I was struggling to get the burpees done. We were doing full ones where you go chest to floor and push up! When you weigh 190 odd lbs or so, it’s a lot of weight. I also was using a 45lb bar.

In spite of all that – 15 minutes later I was like “brilliant workout, let me do my abs now” and that’s exactly what I did – 100 ab exercises.

5am – green tea

5:30am – WOD

7am – oats

1:30pm – grilled marlin, steamed veg, salad (1/2 serving) and 1/3 of a small avocado.

9pm – muffin
10pm – 1/2 burger and chips

I went to a work function which dragged on and on like ariston (if you were around in the 80s you might get that reference!) There was no food left so I had a muffin. Then we decided to go for food and I was sooo hungry I just wanted something simple, quick and filling. But it was a bad choice, after one bite if the burger I regretted it. I had a few chips and another piece of the meat and that was it. Just couldn’t eat it. Like I was full. Right now I’m feeling a bit sickly and am wondering if it was the meat as i can’t remember the last time I ate red meat.

Rest day tomorrow. I’m looking forward to my lay in!


One thought on “Day 98 – Every minute on the minute!

  1. I have gone off meat as well! Been eating quorn,tofu and fish!? It’s gonna be hard as we near the Xmas period with all the parties! But stay strong .

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