Day 100 – Not Quite as I planned

I thought I would feel much more of a sense of accomplishment. But unfortunately not. Firstly I overslept this morning so missed the WOD. This left me feeling somewhat depressed and lethargic going to work. That didn’t last too long because work was busy and in the evening I went running training.

7am – 1 egg, 1/3 avocado and green tea

1pm – 1 granola bar

2:30pm – grilled marlin, steamed veg, plantain and salad

5:30pm – running training consisted of; 4x 200m hill runs,
6 x 100m hill runs,
8 x 50m hill runs
Those distances are approximate by the way.
7pm – handful of nuts
7:30pm – grilled marlin and salad

This plateau is bothering me. I think the only way to shift it is to really really up my game. I’m just not sure I can manage more sessions. At tomorrow evenings WOD I will try to work to my absolute max throughout and see if that helps!


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