Day 101 – more like room 101!

The day was going so well. I got up early and started this 30 day workout programme.

6:30am – 10 push-ups, 50 squats, 5 crunches, 15 sit-ups and 5 leg raises and 10sec plank

7am – oats and green tea

1:30pm – grilled fish, steamed veg and salad

5:30pm – I went to the box and did max weight flat press. I managed 115lbs.
This was followed by;
4 rounds of 12 dead lifts and 12 straight pull ups – AFAP

I completed the 4 rounds in 14:44mins

8pm – 1 plantain and half an avocado and a few nuts

It was great up to this point and then I went round to a friends house and I ate some custard creams. As in half the packet.!!! I was also given some chicken and broccoli. You know this is why I have to choose my friends carefully…lol so the biscuits are to go in room 101. Can you believe this is the same friend that I ate all those digestive biscuits by the other month. I really should know better by now.

Lesson of the day – don’t go by friends who have biscuits!


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