Day 102 – Eat, Run, Drink and be Happy!

Yesterday was one of those day’s where I just did not get around to blogging.  So from what I can remember here’s what happened.

7am  – day two of Marc’s 30 day challenge

8am – 2 egg omelette and green tea

12:30pm – baked chicken breast, rice and peas, plantain

3:30pm – Barbados Has Run!  It was a good run too and I managed to run maybe two thirds of it and run/walked the rest.  I have no idea how long it took, but with the after lime I didn’t get in till 9pm or so.  I was advised to change my drink to rum and soda rather than rum and coke, as that would make a difference to my calorie in take.  I need to just stop drinking alcohol.  I think I may save that for December.

9:30pm – rice and peas, plantain (left over from lunch) and 1/3 of an avocado

10pm – out cold asleep!



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