Day 104 – Toetally Annoying!

Yesterday whilst playing football I actually badly bruised and hurt my big toe on my left foot. It’s somewhat swollen and I iced it last night for a bit before bed. So this morning I got up as usual 4:50am and proceeded to get ready to go to the box. I then stopped myself and said ‘really? am I seriously going to be able to do MERI on one foot?’. The pain was still there and I figured if I run or jump on it I will aggravate an injury, that could be quick to repair, into something much more serious.

So guess what I did? – No I didn’t go back to bed. I actually got out Ab Ripper X, got on my back and worked my abs! Yeah! I’m addicted…lol Today is a rest day according to Marc’s 30 day squat, ab and push-up challenge. But hey – I still did some abs. A few more won’t hurt I am sure.

With the extra time this morning I also managed to cook food for lunch, which was important because my usual grilled fish and veg man doesn’t work on Mondays! Normally I’m scratching around come lunchtime on Mondays trying to find a healthy fast food option! I’m getting there slowly in terms of planning my food ahead. But very slowly.

6:30am – 1 egg, pineapple, green tea

2:30pm – steamed broccoli and christophene with saltfish stew

8pm – plantain and peanuts

Although I wore heels today, the movement is coming back in the toe. I will definitely do tomorrows WOD, I’m sure it will be fine. It’s more of an annoying lingering pain than anything else to be honest.





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