Day 106 – What is happening?

Indeed. What is happening? Right now absolutely nothing. I’m still working out, I’m still eating pretty well but still there’s no change. Thats why I’ve not even bothered posting any pictures or weight and size updates as there is no real change from the last time.

I’ve reached the same plateau I always reach and normally I just accept that I can’t physiologically lose any more weight! And get on with my life eating, drinking being merry gradually the weight comes back on and hey presto back to being larger and I get sick of it and start working out again and the cycle continues….

I still got up this morning and did Marcs ab routine – Day 6.


My weight and size is on the sheet and I am to measure again on day 10 (Sunday) – so we shall see. I’m not feeling very optimistic. May be I should just stop eating! My friend is fasting for a month and only drinking water. Really? That can’t be good.

No breakfast today – too annoyed to eat!
1pm – grilled dolphin, salad, broccoli and carrots

5:30pm WOD

I forgot to write on the board but finished at 14 or so minutes. Was a good arm and shoulder workout. The very area I need to make significantly stronger.
9pm – rice and saltfish stew, 1/4 avocado

A bit of a strange day really. Almost erratic. I’m conscious that I shouldn’t eat rice at 9pm but I didn’t want to waste it, and I really haven’t eaten much today. I am in a better mood – less defeatist – than I was this morning thankfully. Maybe it was the WOD. I should have called today’s blog Squattastic after the amount if squats I’ve done today! I reckon I’ll have some serious thunder thighs before the end of this month!


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