Day 107 – That was HARD!

I pulled myself together, shook it off and hit the WOD this morning with a serious aggression determined to make my body feel the pain for not responding to exercise the way I want it to! How dare my body hold on to the weight?


Once again only 2 moves/exercises for the WOD and 4 rounds, so I thought – yeah I can do this.

After mastering the technique of sumo dead lift high pulls (SDLHP) with a 75lbs of weight I figured I could do the WOD with that weight. Note that we were supposed to use 50% body weight. I am like 190lbs odd at the moment. Anyway I did one round and had to go down to 65lbs. And I still struggled but with the cheers and encouragement from the others I made it through. But it was HARD. Mentally and physically.

Today I went back to my days doing MMA with Nemesis.  Relentless exercises and not being able to stop until you finished every last, push-up, burpee whatever.  That’s where I learnt to ignore the pain and get on with it. The body can do so much more than what our minds allow it to do. The adrenalin from completing it was good. I tested my body and it responded.

But it didn’t stop there. When I got home I hit the deck and did day 8 of the ab, squat press up work out;
PU x 25
SQ X 80
SU X 40
CR x 35
LR x 20
PL x 30secs

8am – 2 eggs, green tea, 1/4 avocado and coconut water

11am – fruit (pineapple, grapes, melon) and 3 flying fish fingers

6:30pm – Bajan corn soup with some chicken.  Was soooo nice!

I didn’t make it to my running session at 5:30pm this evening, but seriously that would have been a bit much!  wouldn’t it?  Not if I was some crazy, addicted, obsessive fitness junkie!

All in all a good day.  9pm and I’m shattered and dropping to sleep.  I just can’t do these early mornings and late nights.


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