Day 109 – Nothing Like a Good Hash…

That’s right, it’s Saturday so that means Hash Run. I’ve missed my hash runs but I feel like I am back and now and did some good running this afternoon. I’m feeling fitter and more able to run. My friend commented that I look slimmer which was nice. Although I still am not seeing it yet in my clothes. But at least I feel fit and feel good.

Today the food thing didn’t work out too well – I ate chips and I am now punishing myself by not eating anything else for the day! I’m off to the cinema in a bit, and I will not be getting any curly fries! I’m likely to fall asleep mind you. Which isn’t a bad thing as if I am asleep I can’t eat.

8am – oats and green tea

12pm – All chicken roti and fries

8:30pm – honey and oats granola bar, and green tea

Oh so this morning I did day 9 of the ab, squat work out which consisted of;

20131109-205513.jpgTomorrow is weigh and measurement day!!  eek I am scared.  I just hope I getting past the plateau that’s all.  I set a target to be 185lbs by Christmas.  But I just can’t get below 190lbs.  Not been able to in a very long time.  I know – I know I shouldn’t focus on weight too much…. OK I’ll leave it alone.

Off to see Thor!


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