Day 110 – Weigh in and Hash Cruise

Sunday was such a great day it disappeared in a flash!

The day started with my 10th day of Marc’s 30 day Squat, Ab and push up challenge which meant I had to get on the scales and get the measuring tape out. I’m pleased to say progress has been made.

The challenge is really stepping up –
PU X 30
SQ X 105
SU X 50
CR x 50
LR X 30
PL X 38secs
It’s mainly the push-ups that’s my weakest. I’m still doing them all in full men’s push-ups – no knees allowed! And I manage to get 20 reps done in one go and then do the rest. I feel like I’m getting stronger. Anyway all this before 8am and no breakfast. Why? Because I was saving myself for the catamaran!

My favorite past time in Barbados is out on the sea basking in the sun dipping in to the water and relaxing. It was a great day on Cool Runnings, my favorite catamaran ever.hashcruise

10:30am – 1 slice of banana bread and rum punch

12:30pm – salad, rice, chicken thigh and 2flying fish

The rest of the day was spent drinking rum punch !

Until 7pm – and I had to eat. Managed to stop at Cheffette on the way home and get a chicken sandwich. Managed to take two bites before I was grossed out. I’d rather not eat than eat crap!

That was it – day over, sound asleep by 8pm!


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