Day 111 – Go Hard or Go Home

Surprisingly I felt quite good this morning and completed the Ab squat push-up challenge.

7am – oats, green tea
1pm – 1 doubles
I had some sad news today which I guess put me off my food. So I’ve not really eaten much. I still managed to go to the box though to give me the chance to take my mind off things. As I made it there I figured I should get on with it and so I did.
5:30pm – max weight shoulder press. For me that was 75lbs
Then we did;
21 x shoulder press
400m run
21 x push press
400m run
21 x press jerk
400m run
I worked in a team of 4 and we used a 45lb bar. We had to complete as fast as possible, but only had 15 mins. The running felt quite good actually and the rest was tough. But I did it.

9pm – 1 doubles

Not great food but the body will be fine I’m sure. Plenty of fuel in the tank.


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