Day 112 – SNATCH

This mornings WOD was basically that – the SNATCH repeated 7 times.

Sounds easy but we must have repeated each element of the move like 500 times before doing the WOD to perfect it. That in itself was quite a work out with dead lift, shoulder press, squats over and over again.

My legs feel good now though.

7am – 2 eggs and green tea
1:30pm – grilled tuna, steamed veg and salad

5:30pm – I went running training which was great! I felt really good doing interval runs. 4x 2min fast 2 mins slow
5 x 1 min fast 1 min slow
6 x 30sec fast 30sec slow

I came home however to find that there was no water. So I’m a bit stinky and I can’t cook. The downside of living in Barbados – this can happen once a year or so. It’s not a major issue and certainly not something that would stop me living in paradise!

Instead of cooking (i ‘cooked’ as in put in oven) I ate my treat – well half of it so far. Waitrose cherry tomato and mozzarella stoned baked pizza. 454 calories per half! I think I have calorific room to eat it given what I have consumed so far today and the amount of exercise I have done.



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