Day 113 – Just enough

It’s quite nice when other people notice the change in my physical appearance. Being typically English I still get a little shy and coy about having lost some weight. They say “hey you’re looking really slim you’ve lost a lot of weight” and naturally I say “no not really”! Why do people (I) do that? Yes I’ve lost weight, I bloody well hope so after the amount of effort I’ve put in over the past few months!

It seems this week I’ve had a few people comment. I know because I examine my physique like every day, I don’t see the change as being that drastic. If anything I think I must have been a real heffer before! Sorry but I’m not one for posting too many pictures of myself, again it’s my shyness! Lol

So today I actually ate two whole meals and they were fabulous. Well 3 actually. Started off the day with the Ab push-up squat workout which is really getting tough
PU x 40
SQ x 130
SU X 60
CR x 65
LR X 40
PL x 50secs

7:30am – 2nd half of last nights pizza! I know terrible I felt sick after, but there was still only brown water so I couldn’t even drink green tea! Or make eggs! Not done the washing up!
Oh I had 1/2 a grapefruit too.

2:30pm – frizzled salt fish, steamed veg, salad and plantain

9pm – grilled leather jacket (some kind of fish apparently) rice and veg. Was absolutely gorgeous. One of the best meals in barbados at a place I’ve never even knew existed and right on the beach side called BUMBAS

So that’s it. A late meal, but a good one. Plenty of fuel in the tank for tomorrow’s WOD but I’m not looking forward to 135 squats!


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