Day 114 – 40 push-ups and 135 squats later…..

Today was the first day I really did not like Marc’s Squat, Ab and push up challenge. After this mornings WOD doing the push-ups was near impossible and I actually went down on my knees and only managed 15 of the full push ups. Then the squats were like never ending.  I finished it all though, but just didn’t enjoy it.

5:30am – MUSCLE UP!! Check out this to see what I was attempting to do.  As you know, I have no upper body strength and so was not able to do any!  I still can’t even do a chin up.  But I will continue to try to build the strength in my upper body and I would hope by this time next year I can actually do 5 chin ups!  After all the skills, using the rings and pulling myself up keeping feet on the ground we did 30 GI-Jane burpees – as you will guess because I can not do pull-ups I jumped in to them. It took me 4.17mins.

7am – Marc’s Squat, Ab and push up challenge which consisted on 40 x push-ups, 135 squats, 65 sit-ups, 70 crunches, 42 leg raises and 55sec holding plank position.  I think my issue is that I get bored on my own working out as opposed being in the box around people I can measure myself against.

7:30am – 2 eggs and green tea

2pm – fruit and nut mix and a packet of ripe plantain chips!

A busy, busy day at work has left my belly rumbling and I’ve also missed this evenings running training.  So annoying!


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