Day 115 – To Be Fit or Not?

Whether you are fit or not it does it really matter? We all end up the very same way at the end of life. I guess the important thing is that you live a good life and feel content and happy with yourself and what you have done in life. For me also it’s important that I am not in pain when my time comes.

So fitness for me is enjoyable and I hope it protects me from pain. The lifestyle I lead and strive for is to be healthy so I feel good and I am content.

I say all this because today someone very close and dear to my mother and family passed away. It was expected but still it knocks you and is always hard to deal with.

So today has been a strange day emotionally and I’ve questioned what’s the point of all this exercise. Just live and be happy. Why not eat what I want to eat when I want to eat it. Just live and be happy.

This morning I completed day 15 but didn’t enjoy it at the time.


7:30am – 1 egg, 1/2 a plantain and green tea
1pm – grilled fish steamed veg and salad

As sad as I am and wanting comfort food I’ve not done too badly. I take comfort from eating good tasty healthy food these days and the assurance that it contributes to my overall healthy good living lifestyle and feeling great about myself.

Take care all, eat, drink, live and be happy.


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