Day 117 – See food diet!

Today has certainly seemed like I was on a see food diet.  In fact I think the whole weekend has been like that.  Yesterday I was very short about what happened, because I went and ate at every opportunity regardless of whether I was hungry or not and there’s just not enough space to write down everything I ate.  I ate to the point where I was extremely uncomfortable and have been for the most part of today!  But guess what  – that has not stopped me eating today.  The only saving grace was that I don’t have junk food in the house and the only snacks I have here are nuts.  So guess what, I found an excuse to go out!  This is what happened.

8am – nuts  ( I was still feeling bloated so really didnt want to eat anything heavy like oats)
9am – green tea and 2 eggs (I decided I still needed to eat)
1pm – pork stir fry and rice (I’d been lazing of the sofa all morning, what else was there to do but eat!)
3pm – 2 slices of toast (I went for a walk to get me off the sofa and I found myself at my cousins looking in the fridge!  I settled for toast)
5pm – small packet of coconut drops (I left my cousins to run an errand and was asked to stop at the shop along the way… so guess what I found something sweet to nibble on)
7pm – slice of baked pork (I didn’t ask for it, but my cousin just handed me some of his pork that he had cooked earlier.  It would have been rude to refuse)

I had been putting it off all day – ab, squats and push-ups!  But finally this evening I completed day 17.  Once again I really didn’t want to but, I felt like I was letting myself down if I didn’t continue.  I sat and looked at the number of reps, and the number of days left and procrastinated for like 1/2hr (well the whole day actually).  But eventually I switched on the telly and just got on with it;

PU x 45
SQ x 150
SU x 75
CR x 85
LR x 45
PL x 65secs
One thing that has been good was to relax today and spend some time home.  I think I am always out either training or going somewhere, that it was just nice to stay home and drift in and out of sleep watching lifetime movies!

I know I was proper back on it last week, but after this weekend I feel like I’ve taken my foot off the gas, so to speak.  I need to relax and re-evaluate, find a new motivation and inspiration towards this quest to become super fit.  I’m at the point I described the other week where I could take it or leave it when it comes to exercising.  So far I am continuing, but only coasting along.  I need to change my routine to make it more interesting.  I fear the boredom is setting in.  This is quite a typical trait of mine unfortunately.  I tend not to stick at things for too long!  I’m hoping this time will be different, but I know only I can control that and what I do and the results that I get.  It’s all down to me!


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