Day 118 and 119 – Playing Catch-up

I’ve had a couple of days off the blogging and taken it a little easy on the training.  I’m not quite sure why, just the motivation has not been there to write or train.  I think this is partly because of being tired and partly because of my monthly hormonal imbalances.  It’s tough being a woman.  As with most moods, I am sure it will pass but I shall continue as best I can.

So what happened on Monday (Day 118)?  Well there was no training whatsoever.  I even bailed on the abs workout too.  Why? Because I was busy living and socializing with family.

7am – oats, green tea

1pm – chicken stew with rice and salad

10pm – I had a slap up meal at Cin-Cin actually.  Nocci (those italian potato lumps!) to start, followed by seared fish on a bed of potato and leek I think, and I had a taste of my cousins white chocolate cheesecake.  It was way too sweet for me!

I didn’t get home till 12am so there was no daily challenge before bed or WOD for me the next morning.

Day 119

6:30am – I forced myself to do the previous days ab workout;
PU x 50
SQ x 155
SU x 80
CR x 90
LR x 48
PL x 70sec

7:30am – fresh soursop smoothie

11am – snickers.  My first one in years!

2pm – lentil curry, breadfruit, veg

6pm – left overs from lunch

I didn’t go to running training or WOD because I was just tired and not in the mood.

7pm – ab challenge

PU x 50
SQ x 160
SU x 85
CR x 95
LR x 50
PL x 75sec

Again, I really didn’t like it.

That’s it for now.  Off to the box now and I will blog about today later this evening.


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