Day 120 – Hardwork, dedication and discipline

You know what? I’ve got to give it them – people who have superior physical fitness that is. How they manage to stick at this ALL the time I do not know. That’s why I have always felt that addiction has to come in to play. I consider myself pretty normal and very average on most things (well I’m better than most people at most things if I’m honest – Cheryl! Lol) and keeping this training up all the time is HARD!

I’ve tried to get addicted but after 120days I am not. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy training more often than I don’t. But I simply don’t have an obsessive or addictive nature to be able to allow training to BE my life. So today I battled with my emotions and got on with it even though I didn’t want to. I was so glad that I didn’t have to do any push-ups or squats as its a rest day. Only 8 actual days left!

6am – 40min run/walk – I really struggled to get my rhythm and run so I walked some. My legs were just so heavy from the 300+ squats from yesterday.

7am – 2eggs and green tea
1:30pm – frizzled salt fish, steamed veg, plantain and salad


5:30pm – WOD! Yep I made it. Almost didn’t bother but once I was there it all came together. I completed in 8:20sec and my max effort snatch was 55lbs.





8pm – plantain, green tea

20131120-210402.jpgToday I also weighed in and measured as suggested by the challenge. As you can see not much change in the last 10days. This evening doing the warm up routine and WOD I definitely felt more flexible and generally more able.


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