Day 121 – WODing the Blues Away

How can a day start so well and then just be thrown away within the last hour? Here’s what happened….
5:30am – WOD

Went well, felt good, lifted some weight, did some squats etc I was like – yeah, this is great! Left the box on a real high.

7am – 2eggs and green tea
Work. Busy from the moment I get in. Review Shane’s menu and didn’t feel like grilled fish and veg, again! So left it. Busy, come 12 – what to eat. Get a craving for Chicken Barn. My colleague wanted to go also so little time was spent talking myself out of it.
12:30 – I only got a kiddies snack, small fries and 1/2 chicken breast.
The craving didn’t stop there as I indulged in peanut m&m’s after lunch!
5:30pm – my chance to burn it off. 600m warm-up at quite a quick pace. Some drills and then the running.
100m uphill sprint – jog back, 50m uphill sprint – jog back, 75m flat sprint – walk back within 2mins (rest period). That round was repeated 6 times.

Tired hungry I get home. No food in the house. Call a friend to go out for dinner – no answer. My cousin calls says come and go get a pizza! I tried to resist I really did. But he went on and on and on about a slice not doing nothing and I’m only going to go and eat rice anyway so I may as well eat the pizza and I should be happy and content and stop all this training and live and eat pizza if I want to eat pizza and on and on.
So I ate the flipping pizza! Was really nice too actually.

I’ve not done the Ab challenge. I don’t have energy. Will do two rounds tomorrow.

So the lesson of the day… Stay away from people who eat chips and pizzas and do some food shopping and cook!


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