Day ??? – 180lbs!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. First I got writers block and lost all desire to blog. Then I couldn’t face another squat or push-up on the 30day challenge – sorry it just got to me. May be I’ll try it again in the new year. And finally I got bitten by a nasty mosquito and got dengue fever and so have been rolling around in bed for over a week in pain, not eating and drinking only water. The result of which is that I lost 10lbs and am now 180lbs – my target weight by Christmas!  20131203-134818.jpg

Today i actually feel a lot better. The appetite is back. The sun is shining, I’m alive and i am here to tell the tale.

So now I have reached 180lbs how am I going to keep it off? Now that I am eating again I know I will gain that 10lbs in a matter of days. I’m not fit enough to go back to training yet, as i can have a re-lapse apparently if i don’t let the dengue completely leave my system, but I guess I can start with some light exercises.

So that’s the update in case anyone was wondering.  Moving forward I will blog when I feel like it and probably not everyday, was a bit much really!


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