2014 – Focusing on ‘YES’

My last night away from home, and as sorry as I am sad to leave my mother behind, I can’t wait to move forward in to 2014 achieving more than I did in 2013 and striving for new heights of personal health and fitness.  I’ve drawn a line under December (and some of January!)  Since arriving in the UK it’s been eat and drink everything insight.  Too cold to go for a run, but I managed daily push-ups, a few days of squats and sit-ups.  But certainly not enough to burn the excess Christmas calories overloaded.

I have no idea how much I weigh now and I am far to scared to step on the scale.  My only gauge is that I can still fit in to the jeans that I couldn’t fit in to before I lost some weight.  Only now, I can feel somewhat of a muffin top!  So as soon as I get back and am in control it’s all about what I WILL be doing and not what I WONT.

I’ve read many a book on positive energy, law of attraction etc and as much as I have tried to and have been successful in promoting this in certain aspects of my life it’s time to bring this through entirely.

2014 is about what I want, what I need, what I will do, what is good for me, and what I know will make me happy.  And when it comes to my health and fitness it’s all about what I will be eating, what I will doing, making the focus only positive and ignoring what I don’t want and all the bad foods.  It all boils down to two basic things;

YES – I will keep working hard in the gym

YES – I will eat what my body needs

Never again will you read on this blog that I am NOT going to be lazy, or I am NOT going to eat cheese or I am NOT going to eat chocolate etc.

Energy flows where focus goes.  And all I need is positive energy and so 2014 is about focusing on the POSITIVE.

So here goes…..



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