Good to be Back!

Yes, it certainly is good to be back. After pretty much an entire month without training I was a little apprehensive as to what I would be able to achieve in the box, but I just got on with it.

In fact all day I have managed to focus on the right things from the moment I got up.

6am – 17 push-ups and 50 sit-ups
6:30am – green tea
7am – 1 egg and 2 slices of whole wheat toast with butter
1pm – veg stir fry with smoked mackerel
2:30pm – slice of mums banana bread
5:30pm – WOD


My maximum effort dead lift today was 165lbs. Not too shabby and I almost did 175 but couldn’t get the full range of the move. I think technique has a lot to do with it obviously but I guess with practice I can hopefully increase.

My ring dip things were executed with 1 foot on the ground. This is one of the upper body moves I must continue to work on to build strength.

And finally the 150m row was fine. I love rowing and managed to get an average of 1:45/500m which is pretty good.

The effects of Christmas was not quite as bad as I anticipated in terms of weight as I only put on the weight I lost when I had dengue. This morning I weighed in at 189lbs so I’m pretty happy about that.

All in all not a bad days worth of workout and to finish it off I will tuck in to my post work out meal.



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