Getting back in the game!

That last post was actually one that’s been in draft since January 13 – So one could say it’s been a while!

Anyway after a few conversations with different people I’ve decided get back in to the blogging. I have been training although not as intensely. A few bad food choices have crept in from time to time, but largely I’ve been in maintenance mode. I am currently 190lbs. And look like this…

This morning I jumped up full of enthusiasm to hit the box and work hard at MERI. Then I saw this on the board 😁


But I took it in my stride and started on the push-ups and worked my way through to the squat jumps of which I managed to get I think 10 before the 20mins was up!

Better than nothing and WOD tomorrow morning.

Food intake:
1 boiled egg and 1 plantain
1 cheese ham and salad baguette
Chick pea roti


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