Rowing Workout of the Day

Saturday morning and rowing WOD complete.

7min – 1659m
3min rest
3min – 709m
1min – rest
3min – 713m
1min – rest
The following intervals each with 1 min rest in between.
1min – 250m, 249m, 250m, 254n, 253m, 260m

I am thoroughly enjoying my rowing WODs but short intervals seem to be my thing. Endurance is definitely not for me!

Food intake today was good until I went out for dinner for a friends birthday

9:30am – 3egg omelette
12pm – boiled green banana with some watery chicken soup (don’t ask about the soup- not great from a tin and I was being polite)
4pm – 2 grilled mackerel fillets and steamed veg
9pm – flying fish rolls and a chicken tikka masala and 2 white wine spritzers

I guess it wasn’t that bad but if I didn’t go out I would not have eaten the 2nd dinner.


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