Never under estimate 30secs

The last few weeks I’ve been trying to get back into the MERI classes and although I’ve been to a few I have not been attending them regularly. Why? Other than travel schedule I’ve also been scared as they are hard classes that test both strength and endurance and cardio capabilities. I just couldn’t face having to do 100burpees or something!

So this morning when I got in to the box and saw static squat, and static push-ups – I was like YES! It was 30 sec holds and 15 secs rest in between and 5 rounds.


It was hard but cool, you know, manageable. I struggled with the handstand and of course the pull-ups as I have no upper body strength. I’m actually at a loss as I just don’t seem to be getting any stronger in the arms and shoulders.

On the plus side one of the girls in the gym said I looked like I’ve lost A LOT of weight. But naturally I denied and said the weight hasn’t changed I’m still 190lbs. In fact it’s probably because I was wearing workout tights that are too big that kind of sag where they shouldn’t!

7am – oats
10- mini cookies and coconut bread (birthday in the office!)
11:20 – another cookie forced on me by my boss who is also trying to lose weight. She said she’d sack me if I didn’t eat it to stop her from eating it!

1pm – fish, veg and plantain

I actually said I would cut out sweet foods (cakes, chocolate, confectionary etc) for lent. I’ve failed miserably!

When will I ever get to grips with this food thing!

Dinner tonight will be grilled tuna on its own.


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