It’s OK

Sometimes you just don’t want to work out. Sometimes you just want to eat what ever you feel like regardless and sometimes you just don’t care!

Well it’s not quite that bad today. I guess I’m being a bit over the top. This morning I just wasn’t in the mood for working out. I still went though and we had another one of those static work outs – holding a position for 5mins this time (yeah right!).

I would have preferred a high intensity cardio work out. I find if I’m feeling low then there’s nothing better than a bit of adrenalin induced working out. But, alas it wasn’t to be.

So my mood continued for the day and as much as I tried (ok may be not too hard) I ate things I shouldn’t! My excuse was because I work out I can eat what I like.

7am – 2 boiled eggs
1:30pm – baked chicken breast and chips!
7pm – 1 hot cross bun (but cold no butter)
9pm – 1 ham and cheese roll

Now I look back it’s not that bad but could have been better. Tomorrow is WOD with my favourite coach. I actually can’t wait!


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