Temptation strikes again!

Thursday morning and I went to the box as usual for the WOD. And just like every other session this week it was a ‘static’ workout again.

100m handstand walk – which I can not do. So instead I had to hold my handstand for 5mins!

We all know I’m weak up top, and even though I was leaning against the wall I managed 42 secs. That sounds really pathetic! What I didn’t mention was that when I came out of my hold I had to do 16 hanging knees to chests and then back to handstands. I did that 3 times within 5 mins. And as a bonus after for 2 mins I did alternate shoulder presses with 15lb dumbbells.

And that was it.

7am – 1 egg sandwich

10am – I was busying away at work and I get a call from reception. A rather cheerful supplier turns up with a token of appreciation….

Whilst I welcome the gesture as it was a very nice and unexpected surprise delivered by a rather dashing young man… I basically ate half of it by 12pm. Cookies, a hot cross bun, chocolates just sitting there in front of me looking at me tempting me, daring me to eat them. And so I did!

Hey it’s Easter right – I shall just give in to temptation for the entire weekend and live a little.


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