Nothing like a good sweat!

It’s Saturday, so that means it’s rowing WOD! Once again it did not fail to test my strength and endurance in a high intensity training session. Quite simply it was 3mins rowing followed by 3 minutes if skipping for 3 rounds.

I much prefer short high intensity training as opposed to endurance and so 3 mins was quite alright for me. I don’t appear to be very good at pacing myself as I always go out hard and fade come round 3. But I try to just go hard each time rather than hold back because I think you’re supposed to work to you max to get the best results. That’s my theory anyway. As they say ‘GO HARD OR GO HOME’ .

That I did and the result was 2186m rowed and a good sweat!





Next on the agenda for today is the Barbados Hash run. It feels like months since I have been.


And what a genuinely good run it was – up hills, down gullies, through bush. In fact we climbed to the highest point of Barbados – mount hillably. I don’t believe I’ve ever actually been to the the very top before today. It was a fantastic view but unfortunately I didn’t run with my phone or camera, so you’ll just have to trust me or go run up there for yourself!

Overall a pretty good day exercise wise. It was great to be back at the hash and feeling good. I think my legs and butt are going to feel it tomorrow. I reckon I’m going to need a good massage – anyone?


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