Funny Day…

It was a funny day today. And I mean funny as strange. The day started with a WOD at 6:30am this morning. One can note that I chose not to go out last night to ensure I was in a fit state to go and not miss a workout. Once at the box though my enthusiasm diminished somewhat. I’m not sure why but it did. I still completed the workout but I guess I could have put in more effort. Here’s what we did – if you can make it out. Sorry, they changed to these white boards instead if the chalk boards which made much better pictures!

It was just thrusters, push-up, toes to hands lying down and burpees. I’m wishing I worked a lot harder now.

I’m also wishing I didn’t overload on carbs this bank holiday weekend. I have a target and I need to stay focused to get there. But I can’t seem to conquer this food lark! And this I really the key to achieving the goals. May be I need hypnosis or something – I’m serious. It’s not that I eat badly and binge on junk food or anything but I just can’t maintain good choices when temptation is around me. May be all I need is a distraction so I don’t focus so much on food.
I don’t know. But I have to find something to work otherwise all this exercise is pointless. The next two weeks I will focus on discipline and monitoring everything that goes in to my mouth drinks included. In fact I will set up a separate food diary page that I will update as I eat.
Let’s see if that works!


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