Another Day in the Box

Today I went through the motions of this mornings MERI class. It was pretty cool as I was able to work on my upper body. That’s my new thing and I’m doing dumbbell shoulder presses in the mornings I don’t go to the gym. I want to get stronger up there and be able to do pull-ups. I still maintain that everyone should be able to lift there own weight with ease purely got safety reasons! If ur hanging from a building u have to be able to pull yourself up. Or jump over a 6ft wall if something is chasing you!

Anyway here’s what we did today…

20mins – 10 reps / exercise – as many rounds as possible….. Can you even make out what it says in that white board?…

This whiteboards not working for me!

If you’re interested in my diet check out my be ‘what I’m eating and drinking page‘…


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